How To Ship

How To Ship: 

Keep your arrangement in water and in the fridge until you can get them shipped. I always recommend shipping overnight after the event. If the petal are falling off, your arrangement may not be able to be preserved. Please send photos before purchasing if you have questions or concerns. 

Pre-dried florals cannot be pressed. If you are interested in preservations, please contact me and we can discuss recreating your arrangement with similar flowers. Pricing will be differ from arrangement to arrangement. 

Remove all ribbon and accessories from flowers, any accessories left on flowers when they arrive will NOT be kept. 

Disassembling the arrangement into small batches helps keep the flowers fresh.

Take damp paper towels and place around the bottoms of them stems. Breaking these into smaller groups helps keep the blooms fresh. Once you have wrapped the stems in paper towels, place foil over them to secure the paper towels. 

Wrap the tops of the blooms in bubble wrap, careful not to wrap too tightly. 

Pad the box to ensure that the blooms will not be smashed during the shipping process, they will get tossed around but packaged correctly, flowers will remain in great shape. 

Please do not use packing peanuts or wrap the arrangement in plastic bags. 

Once you purchase you will receive an address to ship to. The purchase price includes preservations of your flowers, arrangement of flowers, framing construction and return shipping.