How To Ship: 

Keep your arrangement in water and in the fridge until you can get them shipped. I always recommend shipping overnight after the event. If your event falls on a Saturday, you will want to ship out on Monday. If your event is past 3-5 days, it is unlikely your flowers can be used.

If the petal are falling off, your arrangement may not be able to be preserved. Please send photos before purchasing if you have questions or concerns to Pre-dried florals cannot be pressed. If you are interested in preservations, I recommend having your florist recreate a smaller version of your original arrangement. 

Deconstruct bouquet from any foam, cages, tape or wire into individual stems. Remove all ribbon and accessories from flowers, any accessories left on flowers when they arrive will NOT be kept. 

Using sharp scissors, cut the ends of stems at a diagonal. You can shorten the stems to fit into boxes. I recommend the priority boxes from USPS. The boxes are free and you can overnight them usually for the best price.

Take damp paper towels and place around the bottoms of them stems. Once you have wrapped the stems in paper towels, place foil or plastic wrap over them to secure the paper towels. 

If you have especially fragile or large blooms, consider putting these in floral tubes. Be sure to tape tightly to avoid spilling during transportation. 

Do NOT wrap the tops of the blooms or send excessive amounts of of flowers. It is costly and the extras will not be returned to you. 

Pad the box with packing peanuts to ensure that the blooms will not be smashed during the shipping process, they will get tossed around but packaged correctly, flowers will remain in great shape.  

Place the order receipt or a note in the box with the order number and name from purchase (others can be put in charge of shipping and it can get confusing when an order has multiple names)

Do not request a signature on your package. This delays the process of getting flowers and can cause damage from remaining in boxes longer than needed.

Once you purchase you will receive an address to ship to at the bottom of your conformation email. The purchase price includes preservations of your flowers, arrangement of flowers, framing construction and return shipping. 

Please note your arrival date as your arrangement will ship within 20 weeks of delivery. You can view the Process tab for further details!

(Flowers that arrive damaged and/or molded are not the responsibility of Amidst The Daisies. You will need to provide replacement flowers if this occurs.)