The Process

Thinking about preserving your arrangement from your wedding, funeral or special event? 

 Choose the frame you want your arrangement displayed in from the options on the products page, add any add on from this page as well. 

After you have purchased, packaged your flowers and shipped, please send tracking information.

Once your flowers arrive they will begin the drying process. Once they are dried and pressed, you will receive a draft to approve. This is your chance to make any changes to the arrangement. 

Upon approval, your arrangement will be sealed and framed. If approval is not received in seven (7) business days from original draft, your arrangement will automatically be sealed and shipped. If there are changes made, you have seven (7) days to approve each change. 

Turn around time can be up to 20 weeks from the date flowers are received. This is to ensure each arrangement gets the time and care it deserves. 

Once your arrangement has been carefully packaged and shipped, enjoy!

Let me know how much you love it by sharing on social media and tagging @amidstthedaisies or by leaving a review. Your feedback is always appreciated. 

Please not that there are many flowers that can be used! There are also many that cannot. Due to the nature of fitting into a frame, some large flowers cannot be included. Flowers that are painted typically do not dry during the drying process. The colors of flowers are not guaranteed. Many times once the flowers are dried the color can fade, darken, lighten or pull different undertones. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a picture of your flowers.